Recovery and Advancement of Informal Sector Employment (RAISE) Project

Shapla Gram Unnayan Sangstha (SGUS) is at the forefront of enhancing livelihoods through its Recovery and Advancement of Informal Sector Employment (RAISE) Project. This initiative is specifically designed to support workers in the informal sector, which constitutes a significant portion of the workforce in Bangladesh yet often lacks the stability and support found in formal employment.

Objectives of the RAISE Project

The primary objectives of the RAISE Project are to:

  1. Stabilize Informal Employment: Provide resources and support to help informal sector workers stabilize their income and improve job security.
  2. Enhance Skills and Productivity: Offer training and skill development programs to enhance the productivity and earning potential of informal workers.
  3. Promote Economic Resilience: Foster economic resilience among informal sector workers, enabling them to better withstand economic shocks and uncertainties.

Key Components of the RAISE Project

Financial Support and Microloans

A core component of the RAISE Project is providing financial support through microloans. These small loans are tailored to meet the needs of informal sector workers, allowing them to invest in their businesses, purchase essential tools and equipment, and expand their operations. By facilitating access to credit, SGUS empowers workers to improve their economic standing and create more stable employment opportunities.

Skill Development and Training

The RAISE Project offers comprehensive training programs aimed at enhancing the skills of informal workers. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including business management, technical skills relevant to various trades, and financial literacy. By improving their skill sets, workers can increase their productivity, access better job opportunities, and command higher wages.

Market Linkages and Business Development

To further support informal sector workers, the RAISE Project assists in establishing market linkages and developing business opportunities. SGUS helps workers connect with local markets, identify potential customers, and develop business plans. This support is crucial for expanding their reach and ensuring sustained income growth.

Impact on the Community

The RAISE Project has a profound impact on the communities it serves. By stabilizing and advancing informal sector employment, SGUS helps reduce poverty, improve living standards, and promote economic development. The project also fosters a sense of empowerment among workers, giving them the tools and confidence to build better futures for themselves and their families.


Shapla Gram Unnayan Sangstha’s Recovery and Advancement of Informal Sector Employment (RAISE) Project is a vital initiative that addresses the unique challenges faced by informal sector workers in Bangladesh. Through financial support, skill development, and business development assistance, the RAISE Project empowers workers to achieve economic stability and resilience. SGUS remains committed to enhancing the livelihoods of informal workers and fostering sustainable community development.