About Us

Meet our Senior Management.

MD. Mohsin Ali

Executive Director

MD. Mahbub Hossain

Coordinator (Admin)

MD. Jahangir Alam

Coordinator (HR)

MD. Hasibur Rahman

Coordinator (MFP)

Ranajit Kumar Kundu

Coordinator (Accounts, Audit & Monitoring)

MD. Alinur Hossen

Coordinator (Project)

Palash Debnath

RM (Softwere & Reporting)

S.M. Nashir Ahmed

Public Relation Officer

KH. Minhazul Islam

Manager (IT)

Backround Of Shapla

In Rajshahi, the high barind tract is unique in its exceptional feature of terrace soil.Over the year poor and vulnerable communities are continuously fighting against nature and power structure. As a result, they cannot go with mainstream of development. Bangladesh has more than three decades of development efforts at lifting the economy out of its object to reduce poverty and vulnerability. But the majority of the population of Bangladesh still live below the poverty line with very little access to basic elements of life. Upon this context, the North-West part of Bangladesh especially Barind tract under Rajshahi is more vulnerable compare to the others part of the country in the race of Poverty Eradication, Education, Health & Hygienic condition, HIV & AIDS, Water & Sanitation, Agriculture and Women Empowerment process and so on. But there are ample opportunities and resources available to address the above concern issues. However, to facilitate the available unfold scopes, a group of experienced diversified professionals and development activists leaded by the dynamic ledership of Mr. Md. Mohsin Ali established Shapla Gram Unnayan Sangstha and started its multi disciplinary actions in 15 September 1999, with a view to ensure the livelihoods & promote the lifestyle of the community people in Rajshahi region.

Our Legal Status

Department of Social Service

Reg. Date: 29/12/1999

Micro Credit Regulatory Authority

Reg. Date: 05/09/2007

NGO Affairs Bureau

Reg. Date: 06/08/2015

Our Vision

Improvement of dignity and quality of life style of the poor, neglected and downtrodden people in the society through multidisciplinary programs.

Our Mission

To help in self-reliance and sustainable development of target people through their capacity enhancement, active participation in development process and local resource mobilization.