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Our Health Sector

A comprehensive health program is underway in Kamargaon Union under Tanore Police Station with the financial participation of PKSF and Shapla Gram Unnayan Sangstha. Which is a part of the Enrich program.

This health service is provided to 7500 families and 30,000 members of this union. In order to provide health services, 2 paramedical doctors in 2 units provide full time medical services and one MBBS doctor provides medical services once a week.

This program is basically divided into two parts. One is known as a static clinic and the other as a satellite clinic. Static clinics basically provide medical services from a specific location and the doctors at the satellite clinic go to the patient’s home to ensure health care.

Under this program 2 MBBS doctors, 2 paramedical doctors and 15 health inspectors provide uninterrupted services. 1 health inspector ensures health services for 20/25 families every day.
The services included in the program are of different types. E.g.

1. Raise awareness about physical care and health of the elderly.
2. Eye care and cataract surgery.
3. Distribute chairs, glasses, sticks to the elderly.
4. Increase nutrition information and awareness of pregnant mothers and Get regular health checkups.
5. Provide information, advice and support during maternal delivery.
6. Ensuring child health care, encouraging breastfeeding pain and distributing nutrients.
7. Also various health services are managed by specialists in medicine, nose ear throat, pediatrics, gynecology etc.

Above all, the Shapla Gram Unnayan Sangstha is committed to the development of the health and livelihood of the large population of the Union.