Shapla Krira Institute (SKI)

In Brief About Shapla Krira Institute (SKI)

The Shapla krira Institute (SKI) was created with the aim of providing quality cricket training and the opportunity to learn from experts the art of cricket in a fun, safe and innovative environment.

In order to provide easy access to as many children between the ages of 6 to 18 as possible, the SKI is located at Keshorhat Degree College Ground in Mohanpur Upazila.This all-year round academy integrates the best in cricketing techniques, technology and coaches to develop a World-Class Cricketer of Tomorrow.

For the overall development of the young cricketer we follow the principles of Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) in our training program which are expertly done by our experienced coaches in this field. Ideas and drills from other sports are incorporated into cricket training to help our cricketer fast track their learning of complex cricket skills, while at the same time improve their physical literacy.

At the end of each program players will be tested and evaluated individually and will receive a certificate of competency or participation depending on the result.

Our Vission

Is to create a cricket environment on a daily basis, without boundaries, and provide the opportunity for all people, regardless of age, race, religion, culture, disabilities, or background, therefore reaching our transformation targets, to play quality cricket in a friendly and positive environment in the true spirit of the game. To be the leader of cricket development, promotion, and endorsement in all forms and formats, as well as the most successful cricket club in Bangladesh. To provide an environment for participation, learning, and success that is the values strong leadership and to foster youth, sportsmanship, excellence, and professionalism on the field and in the community. SHAPLA KRIRA INSTITUTE will lead through example through our capable Board, coaches, and captains to ensure that we live our values with loyalty, pride, and fun. Lastly, to continuously improve the coaching facilities to establish a suitable and safe coaching environment.

Our Mission

1.To provide an environment for participation, learning and success that is underpinned by the international ethos, SHAPLA KRIRA INSTITUTE values and strong leadership.
2.To foster youth, sportsmanship, excellence and professionalism on the field and in the community.
3. SHAPLA KRIRA INSTITUTE will lead through the example of our committee, coaches and captains to ensure that we live our values with loyalty, pride and fun.
4.To provide a safe and friendly environment for cricketers, support staff and family and friends.
5.To play within the true spirit of the game.
6.To provide all aspiring cricketers the chance to develop and improve their cricket.
7.To promote the development of junior players to senior cricketers.
8.To promote the growth of the club in the local community.

Our Team Member

Murshed Zaman

Focal Person (SKI)

Md Delwar hossain

Trainer (Cricket)

Md Raihan Ahamed

Assistant Trainer (Cricket)

Success Record

Contact Details

Location: Keshorhat Degree College, Keshorhat, Mohanpur, Rajshahi – 6220
Mobile: 01726852783

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