SGUS In Brief


Shapla Gram Unnayan Sangstha is a non-governmental voluntary organization. The company is located in Rajshahi. People of Liberty Bangladesh are still in the midst of poverty. At the same time, social problems such as prejudice, unconsciousness, child marriage, polygamy, dowry, women’s oppression, teenage crime, unemployment and rural crime etc. make people in the society losers and cause social decline. Elements are deprived of humanitarian needs. Poverty always kurses good food. Illiteracy and ignorance and superstition are the major obstacles to their development. Child marriage, multiple marriages, oppression of women, and unemployment have destroyed the buds, long-cherished dreams The sighs of the wailing and the shrieking people are mixed with the consciousness. Most people in Mohanpur Upazila of Rajshahi district are related to the above issues. All these people are deprived of rights in all areas. The exploitation of the exploiters is going on in the public rollers There is no suitable environment, money and opportunities, people who are in such a way The unimaginable brutality of reality should be their extreme happiness. It is not possible for the government to promote backward-minded people. This requires personal, community and institutional enterprises of the conscious people of the society. To promote public development activities, the need for non-participative participation in the respective areas of the area is the maximum. Considering these issues, the goal of making the people of rural poverty, rights to the deprived and backward people in reducing their poverty, acquiring rights and organizing them in sustainable development, was established by the initiative of some voluntary moral people, by the initiative of the Shapla Gram Unnayan Sangsthata. Which was registered by the Department of Social Services, Bangladesh on 29 December 1999. Whose registration number is Rajsha-562/99 Since then, the company has been working with appreciation for the socio-economic development of the rural poor.