Future Plan Of Shapla

Shapla has made sincere and dedicated efforts to achieve its mission and vision over the years. The organization has gained experience and lessons learned during last around 22 years would serve as guiding principles for future program development. So, Shapla has planned the following future plan;


  • Establishment of health care centers and quality hospitals at Upazila and district level to provide quality health care to the grassroots.
  • Establishment of Nursing Institute / College for the development and advancement of quality healthcare
  • Establishment of quality cultural schools, colleges and universities at the central level
  • Establishment of Cultural Museum for preservation, nurture and development of culture and heritage
  • To establish schools, colleges, and universities for the development and advancement of quality education
  • Establish own technical training center and conduct skill development training on a large scale
  • Establishment of own demand-based training and research center which will play a significant role in the quality implementation of training and development activities in Bangladesh.
  • Conducting activities related to tourism and hospitality
  • To expand the activities of programs and projects across the country
  • Publish various journals, magazines, bulletins and books on development issues through press and publications.
  • Conduct all Shapla’s development activities on the basis of gender-based, eco-friendly, IT focus, and sustainability.